Keep Active with MK College – AoC Sport National Championship Lockdown Challenges

Get involved in any/ all of AoC Sports National Championship Lockdown challenges below including:

Running – How many 5m sprints can you complete in 1 minute?

Football – How many instep kick ups can you do?

Table tennis (target challenge) – 3 cups/targets, can you knock them off in the fewest attempts.

Boccia (toilet roll challenge) - How quickly can you knock over a tower of 6 loo rolls with a boccia ball/tennis ball/ball of socks?

Badminton (tea cup challenge) – How many attempts will it take you to serve a shuttlecock into a tea cup.

Rugby (wheelie bin challenge) – What’s the furthest distance you can kick a rugby ball into a wheelie bin from?

Hockey – How many times can you go from standing to sitting while balancing a ball on a hockey stick, in 1 min?

Netball – How quickly can you get a netball/ football/pair of socks into a basket from 2 metres away by Kneeling on 2 knees, Kneeling on 1 knee, Lying down and Overhead.

Basketball – How quickly can you do, 10 right hand ball pounds, 10 left hand ball pounds, 20 stationary cross, 20 scissors

Volleyball – How many times can you go from standing to lying down, whilst keeping a ball in the air with your hands.

Cricket (although this is probably something for everyone!) - How many claps can you do whilst throwing a ball in the air?

· Check out Aoc Sport - Instagram or Twitter social media accounts to see the challenge videos or other college student entries

· (Up to date scores to beat will be posted there.)

· Video your efforts and post on IG or Twitter, don’t forget to tag @mkcollege @mkcollege_active and @aoc_sport in your videos.

· Let us know your scores and we will record these and see if you make it on to the National Leaderboard!

· Prizes are on offer for individuals and colleges that have the most students complete the challenges, even if you think your score is low they all count!

· Challenge your MK College friends to get involved.

· All college scoreboard entries have to be in by 5pm on Thursday 7th May, email when you have completed a challenge and let us record your score.

Good luck, stay safe, stay active – The Sport Development Team

Last modified: Monday, 4 May 2020, 12:55 PM