FREE MMA Training for College Students!

Do you fancy taking part in some online MMA training to keep you active during lockdown? Take a look at the information below and email with any questions or follow the instructions from Safari MMA below to sign up. Places are limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

‘🥊Safari MMA needs you 🥊

FREE training for disengaged or inactive youth in Milton Keynes- please read

You remember those teenage years, heaps of energy and no where to burn it? Now social anxiety intensified through social media? With lockdown in full force, we want to help, and we want you to help us find the youth to support.

What we are doing?

Safari MMA is offering up to 50 FREE places for youth in Milton Keynes, to provide an opportunity to those who may not have the confidence usually, to become part of a supportive team and learn a new skill.

What's included

The first month will be for FREE and then a token payment of £8 per month for the last 2 months. For those on low income this will remain free. (Some funding may be on offer through LEAP CSP, speak to your College Sport Development Team for more information.)

With this students will receive:

➡ Monthly training worth £60

➡ White belt grading, certificate, license and belt worth £60

➡ Red belt grading, certificate, belt & updated license worth £30

Criteria to join

For: youth aged 12-19

Location: Milton Keynes and Bucks

Classes: Muay Thai Online Virtual Training

When: Twice a week Tues & Thurs 4pm

Starts: Tuesday 28th April

This is an opportunity for us to band together and help more young people find their way through these already difficult times.

Places will be first come first served so please contact ASAP to get your place secured.

For more information call Khadijah on 07880 550011 or email

Last modified: Wednesday, 22 April 2020, 4:15 PM